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About Art Therapy

Art therapy has the curious job of doing several things at once. It’s both activating to the senses but also can be soothing, depending on the activity and materials, making it ideal for processing experiences that were too much for us. We do activities that are activating enough to encourage growth, learning, exploring, while staying grounded to process what is preverbal and unexplored.

There are many different approaches to art therapy, and I have loved that I chose this profession to see how people learn about themselves with the art process. I use one art process in particular to process trauma called the ITR™ method which incorporates somatic work and parts work.

I also use specific directives when encountering a challenge in therapy. Sometimes I will simply use open ended art sessions to see what direction the art will take us. It is not something you need to have any skill level or knowledge of to start and is quite integrative to the rest of therapy and life in general.


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Finding a trustworthy therapist that is a good match is hard to do. I will do a free phone consultation to talk about concerns or questions you have before getting started. I am happy to answer any questions you have about me or my approach beforehand.


Kelley Goodwin M.A.,LPC,ATR, NCC,CCTP-II


About ME

Because art was therapy for me during hard experiences, I wanted to share how it has helped me with others. I have always wanted to understand other’s experiences as much as possible, art has been/is one of the best routes I’ve found for access to another’s inner life.

I view the diagnoses in the DSM as groupings of symptoms brought on by trauma. It is my hope that we will find better ways of hearing each other describe our experiences so we may apply what we have learned from the fields of the bio-psycho-social for the very best health of the individual. A quote taken from the Instinctual Trauma Response™ method, “the question we ask is not what is wrong with you, but what happened to you.”

I help my clients who are sensitive, resilient, creative people find more tools to navigate the world, who are feeling like they are stuck, tired, hurt, or struggling. I like to learn about where they’ve been and how they’ve gotten here. We repair any past hurts and old patterns that cause them to live in the shadows and we spend time recovering and uncovering their resources. I respect the dedication it takes to live an authentic life, and I provide that same dedication to all of my clients.



Southwestern College
M.A. Counseling/Art Therapy 2015

School of the Art Institute of Chicago
B.F.A. 2001

Activities & Affiliations

• American Art Therapy Association, Registered Art Therapist
• American Counseling Association


• Tennessee, under supervision and direction in Georgia