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Coaching for Creativity

When someone engages in a creative process, they are determining - that something matters to them. If you need help along the creative path of uncovering meaning, of the creative process itself, how to navigate healthy narcissism vs. ego, increasing thoughtfulness while being with shadow, or maintaining integrity throughout the process- I can hold you accountable to reach goals and give you support and perspective through the process.

Because creativity has been the value/meaning that has saved my life, it is important to me that creatives get the support they need. Many times people go without support because to choose the creative path is to be willing to live on one’s own terms- they are used to being alone, whether by choice or by resolve. As it’s important for our arts completion that we keep perspective, often we need a mirror to keep our mental state from becoming one lost in the trenches as well.:)

Most importantly, it is out of necessity for life that most of us have to find a way to create. I can help with the psychological, emotional, existential, and practical problems that can come up during the process, sometimes causing an even greater existential crisis of meaning in our lives. A coaching relationship specifically for creativity will give you tools and help you maintain mental health to live a good life, while engaging in the both light and dark process of creative meaning making.